11/01/2013 by Chibiotaku010

It feels like a gazillion years since I last posted.. sorry people.. .__.

*ahem* Anyways…Has anyone tried any of the new anime yet? owo I haven’t… .___. I’m still busy waiting for more episodes to come out so that I don’t have to keep waiting every week….

Well what looks interesting? owo

There’s….the currently popular Tamako Market~



And there’s Amnesia… The one with a lot of bishies…><



Oh yeah…This looks quite nice(?) too..o.o…Mostly about demons and supernatural things? o.o~

hakkenden-touhou-hakken-ibun (1)


There’s Cuticle Detective Inaba too~ What I thought was supposedly under the mystery genre turns out to be more filled with comedy than with mystery…It’s kinda lamely awesome and cute though. XD


Well…I’ve watched some of them already…..currently trying to catch up on Fairy Tail…@~@…

Hopes that by the time I finish FT’s latest episode….more of the new animes would have already popped out more episodes…

~computer loading super slowly for some unknown reason… o__o~


2 thoughts on “….owo”

  1. :D says:

    tamako market has the same director as k-on, clannad, hyouka, haruhi suzumiya and lucky star 😀
    im excited about this anime too!!!!

  2. Iva says:

    i am looking foward to amnesia ~ mmmm ~

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