Has anyone watched Kotoura yet? owo Kotoura is a high school romance comedy where the main character, Kotoura Haruka has the ability to read people’s minds. However, the ability to read people’s minds isn’t all that great. Since young, people have treated her as a monster and her friends have shunned her, saying that she’s a liar. Eventually, due to her mind-reading ability, her parents … Continue reading Kotoura~

Valentines day~ owo

Anyone received any roses or chocolates? XD if you did, glad for you owo~ Anyways, who else [aside from myself..] doesn’t have a date on Valentines? owo~ Everyone’s just spamming Valentine’s day related stuff…o~o feels kinda lonely…though at least, as an otaku I can find happiness in my animes. owo   Anyways, Hope that you people have had an awesome Valentine’s Day~  Be around the … Continue reading Valentines day~ owo

Spring 2013 Anime~~~~

I’m Soooooo looking forward to 2013’s Spring Anime!!! XD   link : http://i7.minus.com/iMJv0b9m1D6hU.jpg I can already spot a bunch of anime which I really want to try out already… ~~ There’s Devil Survivor 2, [yes, it came from a DS game which I really liked], Shingeki no Kyojin [from a manga which I really liked too(in the manga list)], To aru Kagaku no Railgun S [2nd … Continue reading Spring 2013 Anime~~~~