Valentines day~ owo

Anyone received any roses or chocolates? XD if you did, glad for you owo~

Anyways, who else [aside from myself..] doesn’t have a date on Valentines? owo~

hands up~

Everyone’s just spamming Valentine’s day related stuff…o~o feels kinda lonely…though at least, as an otaku I can find happiness in my animes. owo



Anyways, Hope that you people have had an awesome Valentine’s Day~  Be around the people whom you really appreciate, love and care~ 😀

~Happy anime-ing to all~

7 thoughts on “Valentines day~ owo

      1. It’s a tall order, but you never know what can happen. General Nathan Bedford Forrest, a famous general of the Civil War, knew his wife for only three days before she agreed to marry him. Met on day one, dated and Forrest proposed on day two, and she agreed by day three. 🙂

        The only person I know of who proposed faster was a certain gentleman who felt that a six hour flight across the Atlantic was enough time to get to know someone–but she did not agree as quickly.

      2. XD getting to know someone isn’t that easy as one might think…o.o” he was probably very infatuated with her or something. I have no idea. owo”

      3. I think that in those days, with so many arranged marriages, people were looking for a type rather than deciding to fall in love in the way we mean it today. Here’s part of the conversation that Forrest had with her guardian, who refused to allow her to marry him for a long time:

        The preacher said: “Why, Bedford, I couldn’t consent. You cuss and gamble and Mary Ann is a Christian girl.”

        To which Forrest replied: “I know, and that’s just why I want her.”

        And this did lead to a very successful marriage, and Forrest being led to a conversion experience later in life–but, I could go on about Forrest for days.

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