LoL anyone? OAO

Anyone playing LoL? I bet there would be a whole bunch of people out there…

=w= As can be seen from the title, this post talks about League of Legends. I just happened to find more pics. (yes, Facebook is my source once again.) and well, there were a few LoL character cosplays displayed. Thus, the post.

And yes, I do play LoL myself. Though I’m terrible at it. owo

LoL - ahri


LoL - sona


-Ahri and Sona- [ LoL cosplaying seems kinda popular now. o.o ]

Well, there are other pics, which you can slowly google for yourself. Though if you do want to check out more random cosplays, you can check this site out >> WorldCosplay

Happy Cosplaying / LoLing ~

Cosplayers are awesome *^* looking like a character and yet still able to be somehow look different, keeping a part of them self…oAo

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