Latest anime OAO

Soooo… How were the first few episodes of some anime? owo

Still waiting for my beloved Railgun to be released..T^T

Anyways, Rise of the Titans [Shingeki no Kyojin] & Devil Survivor were pretty awesome.owo

Devil Survivor 2 ~


Devil Survivor 2 was pretty cool. I don’t have much idea on what Devil Survivor 2 is about…though it should be similar to the Devil Survivor.[The one on the DS which I played.=w=~] It talks about the clashes between demons and angels and about the day in which humanity is supposed to get wiped out by -I’m not sure what-. But yeah. Demons suddenly appearing and rampaging around the city. Many people got killed, though there are some survivors called Devil Survivors who managed to find some website and summon demons from it or something. Thus, it talks about how the main characters who chanced(?) upon the site, Niscaea, and how they are going to overcome this ordeal.

I heard some news about Devil Survivor 2 ending at episode 10++…. OAOAO…I have no idea whether its true or a rumour….though i hope its the latter. .___. We are running out of some good anime these days :/



Shingeki no Kyojin should be pretty awesome if you’re searching for something filled with action. I liked the manga and am hoping for the anime to be just as awesome. Especially since you can view people flying around on the maneuvre gear thing. Though for people who aren’t as into horror….Well, you don’t have to watch it I guess. owo”  Previously, I already wrote this summary-like thing in the manga section soooo, you can try checking it out. [If you want to. XD]



Karneval seems quite interesting too. owo I had a friend telling me that this was a shoujo anime and refused to watch it. =A= Okay, it does indeed look like a shoujo anime….[It’s josei…but still..] DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER XD~ The plot of the anime looks kinda interesting…and hey, there’s fantasy and action in it. oAo. Though….shoujo animes have their good sides too~ So don’t be so judgemental….is what I would like to tell him. But anyways, it doesn’t seem that bad….does it? OAO


I’m thinking of trying Red Data Girl….

Oh and Dansai Buri no Crime Edge looks kinda interesting too. The main character was kinda freaky though….shall watch a few more episodes to decide whether to stick to it or not..

On another note, I found this too…

summer anime 2013


Honestly speaking, the anime only seems so-so…Though who knows, these anime may have some surprising twists to it. o~o ~

Link :

One thought on “Latest anime OAO

  1. Kabu no Isaki and Historie look like they might be worth looking into in my case. I love the classical world, which makes Historie look interesting. And something caught my eye with Kabu no Isaki.

    From what I heard, Red Data Girl has some awesome animation. I want to watch it when I get the chance.

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