More Anime? owo

Have been really busy lately with all my exams and stuff… o-o couldn’t really get to use the comp much….sighs.

Anyways, I still try to keep up with my Railgun 😀  I’m a huge fan of hers~ XD  Firstly because Misaka Mikoto is awesome, and secondly because of some awesome abilities which the characters have….Eitherway, To aru kagaku no Railgun S2 goes back to the story about the Misaka’s clones, the level 6 Project. It basically came from To aru majutsu no Index, though this season is from Misaka’s own perspective, including more characters and a more understandable(?) plot.

And yes, I love the opening as usual from Fripside~ looks kinda cool and awesome to me.owo


Another anime which I wanted to watch yet haven’t tried yet is Hataraku Maou-sama! I believe I did read the manga a bit before it was aired..though…I can’t be sure…So…I can’t confirm whether or not it is interesting…though with all the pictures on Facebook, I guess you could say it did catch my attention. Kinda. [Though I have no knowledge on the anime so far…] o-o”




Also, Shingeki no Kyojin seems to be getting pretty popular…like the next SAO or something…which kind of freaks me out a little because I didn’t exactly enjoy SAO’s anime…[though yes, SAO’s LN is pretty awesome…the action scenes and stuff.]  Well, as usual the anime seems to be progressing waaaay faster…I shall take my time to watch Shingeki no Kyojin though…because the manga’s plot looks better as usual. Though the anime looks awesome too.owo





~Currently busy, Chibiotaku~

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