Summer 2013 Anime

Happened to find this video while scrolling around~ If you can’t read Japanese, then just click on the video and look at the description of the video on youtube~ I have no idea what most of these anime are about so I’ll just try giving a rough description on what I feel about some of them…   Gen’ei wo Kakeru Taiyou a.k.a  ‘Il Sole … Continue reading Summer 2013 Anime

Random Upcoming Anime?owo

There I was scrolling around (as usual) and I chanced upon this…     Hmm…Well, this anime is supposedly airing out on July 12 2013. There seems to be other interesting anime popping out soon too~ Though I’m not that sure about the details…I’m pretty interested on Danganronpa The Animation. It’s apparently based on some PSP game and well, it looks pretty thrilling (?) owo … Continue reading Random Upcoming Anime?owo

Top 10 anime couples?

Just something I happened to chance upon. owo Top 10 Anime Couple Poll Ranks As you can see after clicking that site, well the results aren’t exactly surprising. Though I’m still kinda surprised that people still remember about Detective Conan and it’s romance plot…. Sadly, I believe that some anime were arem’t listed inside?….I’m not too sure though. It’s kinda sad to me that Kimi … Continue reading Top 10 anime couples?