Top 10 anime couples?

Just something I happened to chance upon. owo

Top 10 Anime Couple Poll Ranks

As you can see after clicking that site, well the results aren’t exactly surprising. Though I’m still kinda surprised that people still remember about Detective Conan and it’s romance plot….

Sadly, I believe that some anime were arem’t listed inside?….I’m not too sure though. :/ It’s kinda sad to me that Kimi ni Todoke wasn’t inside that list…considering it was pretty much of an awesome pure romance heck of a plot. * ^ *

#3 Misaka & Touma being inside the list was…kinda epic though. owo…though I didn’t really expect them to be there..

3 thoughts on “Top 10 anime couples?

  1. Ah, how could that list miss Lafiel and Jinto of Crest of the Stars? They were Anime Insider’s top couple. Then, I would have added Inuyasha and Kagome. The married mech pilots from Eureka 7 were pretty cool also.

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