Darker than Black

Its weird that when there is constantly new anime being aired out and yet I can’t really be bothered to watch them… :/ sadly, this always somehow happens to me.. oAo Thus, if you happen to find any new anime interesting, tell me. owo

Eitherways, I managed to kill some time by watching Darker than Black again. hahas owo~ why again? well, I was kinda stupid last time and watched Darker than Black season II first… o___o though I kinda stopped that halfway too……Therefore, as I was currently craving for more action in this currently monochrome world of mine, I decided to just rewatch the whole thing, starting from the beginning of course owo”



Summary : In Tokyo, an impenetrable field known as “Hell’s Gate” appeared. At the same time, psychics -known as contractors- who wield paranormal powers with the need of remuneration. Hei [BK2O1] is one of the most powerful of such contractors, and along with Yin, Mao, and Huang, they works for one of the many rival agencies vying to unlock the mysteries of Hell’s Gate.

Darker than Black was pretty interesting. owo Hei was awesome~ though what I kinda liked about this show is the fact that the contractors need to perform remuneration for using their powers. Each individual’s remuneration is unique, ranging from eating particular foods and completing meaningless tasks, to self-harm and changing their bodies in peculiar ways.  Kinda the same as “equivalent exchange” though obviously, some things never seem to be equivalent.

Season 1 focused more on Hei and his group involved in some syndicate. Season 2 was more on Hei meeting Suou Pavlichenko, whose family was gradually pulled into the war between contractors and various intelligence factions.

Overall, the show got me kinda confused about the different gates, though it was still pretty awesome seeing the whole action and plot take place~ owo

~wanders off to where ever the next anime shall be~

4 thoughts on “Darker than Black

  1. You’ve probably hit that same point I did back in 2009: no new anime looks good! For about two years, I went back to the classics (90’s and before). Too many shows nowadays are so cliche, you know? It was not until I started blogging that I began to become interested in contemporary anime again. If you want any recommendations, I’ll be happy to supply them!

    1. Well then, any interesting anime to recommend? Perhaps something along the lines of Action / Supernatural, or something that brings out the culture of Japan? owo hahas just shoot me with something which you think would be worthwhile and entertaining~ 😀

      1. Let’s see…If you want to watch some older shows and movies, there’s Dirty Pair, Gunsmith Cats, Arion, Vampire Hunter D, and Iria: Zeiram the Animation. If you want shows that are somewhat newer, Ghost Hunt, Earl and Fairy, Blassreiter, Guin Saga, Canaan, Black Lagoon, Le Chevalier D’Eon, D. Gray Man, Black Blood Brothers, Devil May Cry, and Night Wizard might be up your alley.

        Just tell me if you want more of a description of any of those titles! I can promise that you’ll find all of them entertaining and somewhat unique.

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