Hi there~ Notice that I’ve been absent for a pretty long time…..sadly, I was in this hardcore process of trying-to-get-myself-to-study for exams….which are currently over already. 😀  I doubt I did pretty well for any of my exam…though then again, all I hope is to be able to scrape through this year and then work harder next year… *sighs*

Anyways, as recently, I just finished Chihayafuru season 1 & 2, and well, I loved it.



Chihayafuru is basically about this girl, Chihaya, who came to know about Karuta [Japanese Card Game] from her childhood friend, Wataya Arata. That was when she decided that her dream would be to become the strongest female player in Karuta, a.k.a the Queen. The story then progresses on about her creating a Karuta Club, and them working together to pass the tournaments together as a team and individually.


Karuta isn’t exactly a very popular game from what I understand. Most see it as an easy-going game of cards. However, Chihayafuru showed otherwise, showing the other side of Karuta – Competitive Karuta. The game shows players pitting their wits and game sense against one another, in an attempt to steal the card before the opponent does. With that, we would slowly learn that Chihaya actually has pretty good game sense, and that she is a pretty good player in terms of skill and speed. She then became the ace of her team [considering she was the one who created the club after all…] and the story progresses to show their struggles and training amongst other schools nationwide. Somehow, Karuta being a game-like sport, pretty much gets me attracted as well, you get to see the culture overlapping together with the game. Which is pretty interesting in its own manner. owo



I wasn’t really satisfied with the way season 2 ended…considering Chihaya’s goal is to become the Queen, they didn’t showed anything close to that except her playing against the Queen in 2 pretty much unsuccessful matches, which taught her more about the differences in their playing styles. I’m hoping for a season 3…though I don’t think its possible yet considering the manga would probably only continue to take up 11-12 episodes……and thus, I guess all I have to do is just…sit and wait patiently for any news to pop out, and meanwhile, watch some other new anime or something~

~Beauty in Vain. Chihaya is awesome XD~

Oh yeah. Apparently I got disqualified in some Crymore tournament of some sort thanks to my awesome Darker than Black review. Just saying, but the whole point of this blog-site is for me to ramble on about anime. If my viewpoints aren’t appreciated then, well that’s just sad. =w= I’m not exactly the kind of person who likes to write up long reviews because I simply don’t like pushing too much of my thoughts onto others. Everyone does have their own opinion on their own specific anime whatsoever, be it their favourite or their hated….so, why be so serious as to explain exactly why I like an anime too much etc? Anime is for entertainment after all, and so is my site. To entertain me. and maybe some other random viewers who happen to pop by my site and find it interesting. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Chihayafuru~

  1. lol! Your opinions matter, and your style of writing is rather pleasant to read. Don’t worry about pushing your opinions onto people. I hope to read more of your reviews in the future. Though, Chihayafuru isn’t my cup of tea. I’m an action adventure kind of anime fan.

    1. most genres are OK to me hehes. owo What kept me to continue Chihayafuru was my appeal to the traditional ways of Karuta I guess~

      If I were to choose the kind of anime which I usually prefer I guess mine would be those kinds of light-hearted comedy, with a touch of romance and maybe something supernatural or action-packed to spice it up? XD

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