my life owo

I’ve been gone for….pretty long I suppose. Anyways, this shall be my first post which is totally unrelated to anime.

Well, shall just state what I did these days…

Came back from Khorat, Thailand on the 18th November. Went there for a CIP [Community-Involvement-Program] trip due to my CCA. [We have CCAs (Co-curricular-Activities) in Singapore. Kinda like club activities in Japan I guess..?] and well, my CCA is Girl’s Brigade. hahahas~

So anyways, we went to Khorat to serve the unprivileged children there. It was a life-changing experience as…well, I guess we kind of found what our purpose in life was. 🙂 We were supposed to serve the children there. However, this experience left us feeling that we were served much more with happiness, peace, and tons of laughter. Someone said, “true happiness is when you learnt to serve others, no matter the background.” Some may not agree on that, but well, I do. owo And I do truly wish to go back to serve them 😀 and have fun with the kids there~

~The lessons we learnt there and joy which we had there will remain in our hearts~ 

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