Recent Anime

Somehow, the anime in November kinda surprised me as it was pretty much better than what I had expected…

Some of the anime which I’ve been watching would be Yozakura Quartet – Hana no Uta, Tokyo Ravens, Outbreak Company, Log Horizon, Strike the Blood, Coppelion, Kyoukai no Kanata, and Kill la Kill. I have been watching other anime too, though I think that these are the ones which I prefer out of the rest.

I guess you could also say that I especially like Coppelion and Log Horizon.

nov anime

Coppelion talks about a nuclear meltdown in Tokyo, contaminating the area with high levels of radiation and loads of toxic waste. After most of the citizens evacuated, Tokyo was turned into a ghost town. However, some survivors still remain in the contaminated area, leading to the Japanese Self Defense Force dispatching 3 teenage girls from the special force called Coppelion. [Coppelion basically means living dolls.]  Due to genetic engineering, the Coppelions are immune to radiation and also possess special skills. The show then goes on with them searching for survivors and the countless obstacles which they face…All which makes the anime pretty interesting considering the setting of the place is in a place which is highly contaminated. (instead of the usual shining/daily-life kind of setting.) Also, the characters in the show are also pretty interesting, Ibara with her sense of justice, Taeko as the mediator, and Aoi….well, I guess she’s supposed to add more life into the show…though she can be pretty irritating at times…

At First glance, I guess most would connect the game-themed Log Horizon to SAO. Well, I couldn’t really care less. In my opinion, SAO didn’t manage to bring out its full potential thanks to the unnecessary harems which to me, pretty much spoiled the show…oAo When people say that SAO was awesome, sometimes I can’t help but wonder if they really do in fact like the plot and the anime itself, or because it’s just too popular….o-o. Well anyways, Log Horizon felt like a much better version of SAO. Considering its also an anime where the characters are stuck in the game, this anime focuses more on how the style of the game is like, the strategy behind the game, and a plot which seemingly is related to the way of the game itself. (what with the guilds and such). [SAO too brings out such points, but when you compare the plot of the anime (which seems to be filled mostly with the romance) with the action in SAO, the latter takes up a pretty small %…I mean, who actually remembers much about the action in that anime? oAO….the light novel was better…] *continues on with more useless ranting*


Come to think of it, another one-of-a-kind(?) anime would be Outbreak Company.

nov anime

Outbreak Company at first I thought it was another adventure – fantasy sort of an anime…However, it ended up to be an anime which teaches pretty much about the Otaku Culture, while keeping its own plot well developed too. The plot would basically be about this guy called Shinichi, who found a job (which apparently seems to be the job of an Otaku ambassador). He was then later sent to some fantasy realm where he has to introduce about Japan and their culture. The plot also goes on about the equality of the different races in that realm. Outbreak Company also brings in some other anime from time to time, the most popular one being the time where an SnK manga was found being read by the characters.

snk-refference-anyone-outbreak-company_o_2370747Pretty much reminds you of Lucky Star and Gintama, where they bring in references from other animes. XD


Lastly, I just simply have to mention that the new anime adaptation for Yozakura Quartet, Yozakura Quartet – Hana no Uta was awesome~ owo Everything seems more detailed and the plot is waaay much easier to catch on to, compared to the 1st one which was made in 2008.(source from wiki) I couldn’t get myself to finish the one in 2008, simply because I had no motivation to continue on watching. o-o But anyways, the one this year is good~

Well, that’s more or less what I have for now~  Forgive my useless ranting earlier on. XD

– I just couldn’t help myself – ~Chibiotaku

2 thoughts on “Recent Anime

  1. That’s a nice list of anime. I’ve been very curious about Outbreak Company and want to watch it at some point, but I have a very full plate of anime. I enjoy Coppelion, yet it seems to not have caught on in the blogging community. Most people find the show beautiful but boring. I myself find it very intriguing, and the song promises great excitement in the upcoming episodes.

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