2014 its a new year~

My posting intervals seems to get wider and wider…..I’m sorry about that .__. but it seems like I can’t really post much these days….sighs.

Its a new year and all…soooo does anyone have any interesting resolutions to make? because I don’t. o__o” Even if I did make resolutions to try to make myself a more hardworking person who doesn’t sit in front of the comp all day watching vids, I’ll probably just end up breaking my resolution and laze around all day…[which is kinda bad considering this year is when i have to take a pretty much important paper to get on with life…]

Anyways~ the winter season has started(?) and so starts the new batch of anime.

winter anime

What I’m looking forward to now would be Mahou sensou, Wizard Barristers, Inari Kon Kon Koi Iroha, Hamatora, Witchcraft works, Nisekoi, and Noragami.

Mahou Sensou – seems interesting with the fighting and magic and all…the plot seems interesting too. Some said the light novel was definitely better, but…we’ll see how.

Wizard Barristers – fantasy, magic. Where humans and magic users coexist. Reminds me of To aru kagaku no Railgun….but this anime’s plot seems quite original as well~ so….looking forward to it~

Inari konkon koi Iroha –  When I just read the summary, I didn’t really like it because the thought of body swapping to get your love didn’t really fit with me very well….However when I continued on with the manga, it actually seemed okay…so…shall just keep on the lookout for the storyline in the anime.

Hamatora – At the time when the first pv came out, it was already pretty much filled with mystery and all…because the animation was just filled with tons of different colours in your face flowing with a video with no talking at all…when I first watched that, the first think that went through my ming was…’Hey, this looks kinda like K-project’. Well, when the summary and stuff came out it seems that this is also an anime with magic users and stuff, filled with mystery…with ‘Hamatora’ as a detective agency. Looking forward to this too~

Nisekoi – Romance followers should have already picked up this manga and started reading…but either ways, it is finally gonna be serialized into an anime~ Romance…Harem…Shounen…Nisekoi is about this guy called Raku Ichijou, who kept a promise with a girl from his childhood to get married when they grew up. He has a pendant, which is a lock and that childhood girl supposedly holds the key to that lock. However, years passed and he doesn’t remember the name or face of the girl whom he kept that promise with. The story then progresses with him finding many girls who seemingly resemble the girl from his childhood….

Noragami – I really liked this and am looking forward to it…even though I may not actually go through my words and watch the anime….I read the first few chapters of the manga when it first came out. Supernatural, comedy, action, adventure~ If I remember correctly the manga was about a girl who met this minor god and then somehow got stuck in between the paranormal world and the human world.

With that, Happy New Year to all you people out there who happen to be reading my posts~ either by chance or luck or introduction(?)~ Many hopes that the year ahead would be awesome and, perhaps even better than the last year~

Happy 2014~ owo #chibiotaku010

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