Exactly what have I been doing during my lazy days…I feel like I spent my time wasting away my holidays instead of doing anything inspirational such as upgrading my drawing skills (which still looks horribly disfigured..kinda) and play around with photoshop….instead, I have been sitting at the computer for the same long hours spamming through tons of youtube videos…

You may ask, what kind of videos have I been watching? Well, I kinda dropped watching anime for the time being due to the lack of interest in some anime and the laziness to wait for more episodes to pop out…sooo I went around Youtube and searched for funny videos like wah banana[anyone playing LoL should kinda know this.]…nigahiga[awesome channel which I have been checking for a couple of years already..]…pewdiepie[if I’m correct he’s the top channel now or smth? *brofist*]…and other video channels to do with gaming, cooking, etcetc.

Anyways, if you’re wondering most of the channels which I subscribe to on youtube are either gaming channels, or vocaloid/niconico related channels. I don’t exactly game a lot, though I really enjoy watching such gaming streams and the way they play and their reactions and all that. XD

And well, all I wanted to really say was…anime is one thing, but if you don’t have anything to do during your free times and are just stoning away on the couch or something, it might be better to just go to youtube and check out some stuff, whatever your interest may be. 🙂

As for me, I’ve probably exhausted most of the anime which I was planning to watch. sooo its time to slack and maybe start working harder for the time being what with the new year and stuff.

3 thoughts on “(~oAo)~

  1. this page!!!! i never actually looked up any of the voice actors but wow! just wow!! (;O.o) there like all by the same person!! how?!?

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