its me. again :3

I’m surprised that after being away for so long, I come back with the site showing me that my stats has slightly increased…..this….is just weird, no matter how I see it o___O.

Anyways, Chinese New Year is just a few days away….thus, we Chinese have started all our spring cleaning and chores etc…. Honestly, the only thing I find nice about CNY is the fact that we get AngBao [cash in red packets owo]. Other than that…well, the snacks are another awesome part about CNY too I guess…unless you’re currently trying to diet…which would then be a pretty bad time for you now I guess.

*Ahem* back to the topic at hand, thanks to anyone who has actually continued in reading my posts all this while 😀 and to those who comment back or give me feedback, thank you everyone~ I have actually decided to make another blog-site [whatever you wish to call it…] for just more….personal and perhaps stuff which is more related to actual happenings in life whatsoever…but yeah, it would be filled with my usual rants 🙂 Why would I create another site? welllll, this wordpress phone app thingy actually allows me to type stuff properly with my phone…allowing posts to be more accessible and convenient. Also, I can’t really even get a chance to touch my comp…thus explaining the dwindling number of posts over here.

The site aside, I would still be covering up stuff on anime, manga, and otakuism[as what I like calling it… :D]. Afterall, anime still give me the passion and motivation to actually even come up with a topic at times. owo” not that my post titles are very descriptive or anything…but well, originality I guess? XD

Onwards to anime. Due to time constraint, I only watched the 1st eps of some anime….I haven’t even started on Wizard Barristers yet. :/ Noragami was pretty much as I expected it to be, Mahou sensou gave me some weird vibes from the 1st episode[as usual not being able to watch the other eps]. Hamatora surprised me though, with the supernatural background setting seemingly to be something like Darker than Black. The mystery part was there too, right at the beginning of the 1st episode where they had to choose between two cases, only to find out that they were the same owo~ Indeed, not hardcore(?) mystery like Detective Conan…. but still enough to keep me thinking at the very least….In fact, the light-hearted conclusion at the very end of the mystery actually made me laugh. owo



Sorry that even this post feels so rushed. .__. but yeah….I’ll still try to catch up with anime….and perhaps maybe update my manga list more considering its more convenient and accessible for me too….better than leaving my site void and sad I guess. oAo


5 thoughts on “its me. again :3

  1. You like that wordpress app? I used to love it, but the only thing I began to trust it with is reading other people’s articles. Once I thought I commented on the blog Servus Fidelis and had the comment sent to Cajun Samurai. That was pretty funny!

    But, I always look forward to your posts. Keep at it! I’ll be sure to look at the new blog.

    1. seriously? oAo” I haven’t tried that app so I have no idea about those glitches….shall test it out sometime later or something…XD
      I don’t actually want to publicize that new blog which I’m making too much….though I could still give you the link if you’re really interested in it….o.o hehes.

      1. I’d love to read your new blog when you set it up. Just send me the link at Yours was the first blog I ever followed, and so you might consider me one of your biggest fans.

        And yeah, the app is horrible. It used to be more convenient than it is now: their upgrades pretty much succeeded in downgrading it. xD

      2. ohmygosh. seriously? OAO I always thought u were some experienced blogger who just randomly followed me one day…XD ur comments always make have motivation to post more stuff 😀

        anyway, okies~ shall send it to u hahas :3 I haven’t posted anything other than the ‘about’ page yet tho. trololol.

        and seriously, huge thanks for being so supportive everytime~ hehes. 🙂

      3. I’m glad to motivate you to write articles. Writers probably need more encouragement than people in other professions–speaking from personal experience. 🙂

        I’ll be sure to take a look at that about page soon!

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