Must watch(?) *A*


Recently, the only animes which I actually try catching up on would be Hamatora and Wizard Barristers : Benmashi Cecil. Both are awesome in terms of plot and action, and both have that equally unique to closer and closer to the heart of the anime itself. :3  Hamatora is one anime which actually tries fusing powers which are out of this world, together with mystery….and the makers definitely did an amazing job with it. I guess you could say I really like the path in which the anime is heading to…the whole concept about people with minimum ability holding top positions in society and stuff. So in a way, you could kinda say that they brought in the concept of the real world too.


Hamatora The Animation Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia



Meanwhile, Benmashi Cecil also delivered this strong impact on me. owo The story talks about this 17 year old girl who manages to become a Wizard Barrister [ u may think of it as a lawyer for magical users ] at such a young age. The show really goes on about defending Wuds [ a term used for wizards ] with their case. Apparently, despite being set in a modern age with pretty advanced equipment and whatsoever, wizards aren’t exactly very well-liked in the community. In fact, in this anime, people actually shun and despise such users with magic. Which, to me always seems kinda sad considering they are indeed special people with unique abilities which could eventually help out with the society…or ruin it. Well, the society can also act as a neutral, encouraging people with such unique capabilities [e.g Hamatora(?)] or singling them out and shunning them.



That picture above looks like that pose from Railgun XD~ But anyways, they can really make their animation look superb :3  The opening song displayed some of the benmashi’s skills too sooooo, it was a nice start 😀


I think I would wait for other anime like Noragami and Witch craft works to continue airing out more episodes first before I continue on watching them….I heard about Mahou sensou and Z/X ignition too soooo…maybe I’ll try them too? Hmmm all the plans….owo~

~Chibiotaku010~ 😀

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