Its been a long time since I posted anything…and so here I am once again, in case anyone’s wondering if this site is dead or not. lols

I’ll probably be back updating as per normal around mid November?(I dont really what my norm is tho. owo”) I really wanna update some stuff but I cant get back the comp until then sooo….its all about patience till then i guess…..sighs*

What have I been doing during my disappearance? ermmm….basically studying (or trying to study), snacking, watching short youtube vids, and reading manga. I know I really shouldnt do any of the latter 2….but oh wells, its not like Im not studying. o-o

I have been reading tons of manga though. Picked up several which I felt were awesome and kinda wanted to share them I guess. owo
– Witch Hunter
– The Gamer
– Te to Kuchi
– Nanatsu no Taizai
– Haikyuu
– And heap loads of shoujo manga XD

Witch Hunter & The Gamer are manhwas, and honestly Im still not used to the way of reading manhwas…..but theyre pretty nice reads…(for me at least.) Also, yeah Im reading Haikyuu. The anime wasnt that bad but I still pretty much prefer the manga.

Im wondering how’s Akame ga Kill the anime? Im still reading the manga, but ever since this group -I dont wanna spoil anyone- appeared, I didnt feel any sense of urge to read it anymore. Partially because I felt that the amount of unnecessary gore rose slightly out of my comfort zone….I dont like mangas with too much gore….especially those loaded fully wih gore even though it doesnt particularly help in the plot….yeah. :/

Lastly, I did watch anime. But I wasnt able to fully keep up with any. (Had to constantly upload them with my slow wifi connection on my phone) I did finish Isshukan Tomodachi & No Game No Life though. Both of which I enjoyed  :3

and yeap. Thats all for now. Shall crawl back into my shell and patiently wait for November…

4 thoughts on “Wassup.

  1. welcome back oAo
    I’ve been reading your anime reviews for some time now since last year so i hope you can come back in november with more good stuff :3
    Have a nice day! ~
    (first time commenting >w< obviously…)

    1. Thanks so much for ur support!! :3 I can reply msgs on the phone but dun really have the time or the computer to write out reviews… my exams will be ending in end of November soooo have to wait till then! ><

  2. i too love your reviews and hope that otakuness.. (is that a word) spreads through the UNIVERSE!

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