Hey, Guess what.

As of 11 November, my papers truly end. Im currently left with 2 more Multiple Choice Question Papers. (the kind where you choose between numbers 1 – 4 ). Soooooo anyways, my site should be back up soon 😀


Soooo what is my anime status after my long departure? Im probably not up to date on like most of the anime. Well, I am still watching anime, though not as much due to exams.

What anime have I watched? Well….

– Nanatsu no Taizai (I read the manga too & its really nice~)

– Magic Kaito 1412 (a new spin off the first Kaito Kid series. To follow up my Detective Conan, which I am still watching XD)

– Amagi Brilliant Park (A pretty interesting anime with a plot they may seem slightly weird, but is pretty much still fantasy based)

– Mahouka Koukou no Rettousai (Tatsuya’s friggin over-powered)

– Tokyo Ghoul (I only just started on the anime. The manga’s ending was….pretty wild. Though there’s a 2nd series to it.)

– Akatsuki no Yona (seems interesting, thinking that it would continue be interesting.)

– Zankyou no Terror (love the fact that the main people are the terrorists)

What Anime do I want to start on / complete? Hmm….

– Kiseijuu (Yes, its invasion horror. Yes Im going to read it. < because Im looking forward to how it progresses)

– Hitsugi no Chaika ( Chaika’s cute. :3)

– Inari Kon Kon Koi Iroha

– Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance

– Tokyo ESP

– Zetsuen no Tempest (this seems eons ago, but I didnt complete it.)

– Mahou Sensou

– Itsuka Tenma no Kuro-Usagi

– Infinite Statos (I didnt actually properly finish the whole anime …or so I think.)

– Nisemonogatari (the ‘Bakemonogatari’ series is something which I kinda want to finish watching.)

– Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei


Yeaaaaah. Im going to just place these all on the list. There will definitely be others that I will also watch. I only need a few episodes to really properly determine if I want to watch an anime or not. As for those who are wondering why I didnt watch Akame ga Kill, GGO and others, well I am still reading Akame ga Kill the manga though Im not looking forward to reading the manga as I was in the beginning when I first started, as for GGO I kinda just gave up reading the LN.(though I heard that the LN is pretty good or at least, better than the anime.) Sad to say but I actually fall asleep easily while reading any kind of LN. ._.


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