Nagi no Asakura

Pretty much one of the most heart-warming animes that I managed to catch up on in this month.


Nagi no Asakura features people of the land and the sea. Sea dwellers being people who reside in the depths of the oceans with all the fishes and everything. The story then focuses on these group of sea-dwelling childhood friends whom are forced to attend a school on the surface due to the closure of the sea’s own school. It then continues on mostly about Mukaido Manaka who had a somewhat “fateful” meeting with Kihara Tsumugu. Their encounter then results in everyone believing that Manaka would someday leave the sea and venture onto the surface due to the two’s new-found relationship. Things then get more complicated with the laws of the sea-dwellers and the appearance of the Sea God.

Overall? This anime was BEAUTIFUL and left a very special vibe of happiness within me when I saw the ending. :3 The plot of this whole anime just brings feels. Bringing you on a trail of ups and downs with characters who will pretty much show you what love & friendship, are all about…and how they overcome their misunderstandings etc. Basically taught me a whole lot :’D


Also, who knew that living under water would be that colourful? [everything usually just looks blue to me. other than the colour of some fishes.]  Probably not for myself, because I have had a few horrible experiences of “drinking” water through my nose… .___.  and the fact that I’ve never actually seen the view of clear waters in real life. soooo yeah.

Lastly, even if you’re someone who gives up watching anime easily, don’t give up on this one. Despite everything seeming to be this huuuuge love spiral in the beginning, and your couple shippings not really working well, things will start to make more sense at the end. All I can say is, you’ll definitely be in on a ride 😀

~ChibiOtaku010~ attempting to watch Guilty Crown all the way to the end round 3. <- not succeeding. :/

2 thoughts on “Nagi no Asakura

    1. Glad to finally see myself blogging again too XD~ And yeah, Nagi no Asakura really depicts a lot of friendship and other stuff which one faces in life. Eg, conflict between groups, romance, and other stuff like that. Its kinda hard for me to describe, but its beautiful 🙂

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