Random Game Appears : To the Moon

To the Moon is a 2D RPG adventure video game which I believe was out 3 years ago. I recently finished watching a playthrough of it, and felt that this game too, has that awesome heart-wrenching plot which may make you on the verge of tears at the end.


The game starts up with Dr Eva Rosalene and Dr Neil Watts [kinda like Sherlock Holmes, but nah] visiting this pretty large house(?). You then find out they are working under a corporation which works to allow people who have little time left on Earth to create memories of them fulfilling their wishes.[probably because their clients are physically incapable of fulfilling their dream]. Hence, with the help of this machine which allows one to traverse and tweak one’s memories, Eva and Neil begin their new journey within their elderly patient, Johnny’s memories and he apparently wants to go to the moon, but doesn’t know why. The game then uncovers the icky and sad bits of life which can be pretty depressing. The ending, however, is definitely more positive and…yeah, jerks tears. [possibly.]

The slightly freaky and weird thing is to have your memories altered. Yeah, it could be the last few moments you live on Earth, but still, having artificial/tweaked memories seems just has this ….sad feel. Moreover, it really is an invasion of privacy, to have memories from a little kid to your elderly form all bare and revealed…. But…if the patient can pass on with peaceful in mind afterwards, I guess it probably isn’t that bad.

Lastly, a good playthrough would be on Cryaotic’s channel. Mostly because his voice and emotions are all pretty much on the same page as the game unlike some other playthroughs….but yeah call this random promoting/advertising if you will. XD


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