Guilty Crown

A few days ago I finally managed to watch finish Guilty Crown properly….like, finally.


Guilty Crown was generally a beautiful anime while it lasted. The romance between Shu an Inori was splendid, though I couldn’t help but feel that they rushed things a bit too much. Parts of the plot seemed to need more explanation. [or maybe its just me.] Like in the last episode when Inori died in place of Shu. I couldn’t really get it. :/ I personally feel that the producers tried very hard to implement this “I will love you even if the whole world turns against us” kind of feel into the anime….and I can’t help but feel that they were unable to fully squeeze in whatever content that they wanted to make the anime seem whole…..

Well, either way they did a decent job with the whole Void Genome thing. Known as the Power of the King, the Void Genome bestows the user the ability to draw out people’s hearts in the form of weapons. The rest of the story is pretty much tragic….with characters which you may soon grow to love dying so very fast.

Besides the whole plot, this anime has beautiful art and some awesome music. Songs like, Euterpe, The Everlasting Guilty Crown, and Bios are just splendid carrying the whole weight of emotions which you may feel while watching the anime. Surprisingly for me, I didn’t so much as tear during the anime…. …which kinda disappoints me because I kinda expected more due to the many good reviews I heard. Well, I guess each has their own preference, and well, GC just felt too….rush for my liking. Everything just kinda sped past me and before I knew it, I finished the last episode.

That’s all the critic you’ll be getting from me.Guilty Crown is still recommended, though I still can’t find the whole anime as wonderful as what some other people have said it to be. 😮

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