What’s nice in my opinion? :]

Once again, ages have passed since I last typed here…but here I am again I guess~

What’s popular this season? Well….Of course Death Parade would be at the top of the list. With its huge atmospheric contrast between the opening song and the actual plot of the anime, one definitely wont expect pretty much the whole plot of the anime.


I mean… really, who expects dancing and random happy poses for an anime which goes on about deciding the “life after death” of a person? Certainly not me. The 1st episode really brought the tone of how the whole anime could be for the rest of the next few episodes…that being serious and dark. I honestly don’t know much about death parade except that somehow, I just feel that the anime would focus more about those few people in the picture ^ [the arbiters..?] and about the flaw in whatever system they used to determine the afterlife of the person.

For some reason Tokyo Ghoul root A hasn’t been as popular as what I would have thought it would be. [still haven’t continued on with its manga or anime continuation….someday maybe.] I honestly felt that it would be like a second SAO….though for some reason people have stopped following it after that first season…oh wells.

Aldnoah Zero and Durarara x2 shou both which I havent touched yet….considering that Im not that interested in mecha series…and Durarara just seemed to be something which I havent gotten back to sadly. :c

Next, pretty much my favourite anime this month, Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata. Besides the whole pre-episode [episode 0] being pretty much made for fan-service, the flow in which the anime is going seems pretty good in my opinion.


The main character being this huge otaku who chanced upon this scenario which seemed so perfect that he wanted to live his dream and make a visual novel out from that one scene. In a way it kinda reminds me of Shirobako [since its an anime which is about..erm..animating :D] The artwork is beautiful, the characters are humorous and are actually capable of pulling off witty retorts [which also reminds me of the monogatari series]. With the last burst of epic-ness being the fact that they’re trying to change the main heroine of the manga into someone who would fit in perfectly into the otaku lifestyle. :3

[and yes I ship the main character and the heroine so much ><]

Also, if you like Oregairu [ a.k.a Yahari ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru <- getting another season :D:D] you should like this Saenai Heroine as well…because somehow, they just seem to click in my mind.

Saenai Heroine…Shirobako…these kinds of anime seem to be Japan’s way of telling us just how tedious animating, creating visual novels, being a mangaka…etc can be…though at the same time, there’s that huge element of surprise, fun and excitement along with the creation of whatever project which they’re doing. Which makes the anime more interesting because..I mean, the people who are yearning to create something can actually learn more about the process right? [or maybe its just me..lol o-o]

Anyways, moving on….Akatsuki no Yona is pretty decent as well. The story has betrayal, loyalty, and friendship written all over as the anime progresses.


I guess it is a pretty good anime if you want the plot of a princess-like princess with little skills whatsoever to grow into a strong-willed heroine who seems to be more of a huntress. The one sided romance between Hak [the..erm..bodyguard?] and the air-headed princess is so cute and beautiful too. c:

Last but not least, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is another anime which I really want to constantly catch up on. Apart from the awesome insert osts and piano playing which alot of music-genred anime are like, the art from the anime really draws me in.

kimi no uso

The opening song [Hikaru Nara by the Goose House] already shows the amount of art which the anime can offer. Looking at the colours converging together in the opening theme song makes me tear a little due to my lack of colouring/painting abilities. :/ That song too kinda just gathers a lot of feelings with the synchronisation of the song, lyrics, and art. ….though it could be just an amatuer’s feelings and just the anime within me resounding along with the song…but…yea it’s splendid.

Story-wise, the plot comes from a different point with most of such anime being the start of a newbie’s ever exciting experience in the media/music industry.[depending on the anime too I guess.] Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso though, goes on about a genius pianist who somehow “loses” his ability to play the piano due to trauma. Of course what comes after that is his revival….though of course there is more which I’m not willing to spoil about. ;D <- that is pretty much the main gist though…with buckets of friendship, sprinkles of love, a heap ton of overwhelming emotions. [for me at least owo]

Thats all the updates u’ll get from me for now I guess 😮

P.S during the time I wasn’t around I went through some interview, a few tests, loads of anxiety and somehow…I made it into this course called “Digital Animation”. Yay me I guess? :3


5 thoughts on “What’s nice in my opinion? :]

  1. Glad to see that you’re writing again! I thought that your blog had gone the way of the dinosaur for a while, and I was pleased to place it among my links to active blogs again.

    I definitely like Akatsuki no Yona. The show is hilarious with likable characters and a good dose of action. If only they relied on flashbacks less! That’s it’s downside. Hak is pretty much the best character from last season.

    Having seen two episodes of Death Parade, I want to give it a shot. However, I can’t help but think that Hell Girl (aka Jigoku Shoujo) did what this series does more beautifully and intelligently. But, I love Hell Girl, so I can’t help but be strongly biased.

    From what you wrote, I should give Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata a shot. However, I feel like I should watch Shirobako first. Yet, I am starting to get tired of anime based on the anime industry. But, this one does sound interesting.

    1. I tend to take eons to decide on what to post about and how I would do type everything out .___. Not too sure about the Hell Girl part because I didnt really complete that either :/
      Oh and you should definitely try out Your Lie in April [Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso]. Especially if you’re someone who likes instrumentals and a story with feels. 😮 It feels like it’ll be the anime of this season and all. And its ending soon I believe?…<- unsure though.

      1. With Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, I was not in the mood for a romantic anime at the time. But, it does seem like it could be a fun show. At present, I’m mostly indulging myself with classic anime and trying to keep up with Rolling Girls, Akatsuki no Yona, and Death Parade.

        If you like dark stories with a silver lining, you have to try Hell Girl again. The first two seasons are great, and they really should have ended it there. Somehow, they thought that adding yuri into a third season would make it better; instead, it just makes the third season unwatchable!

    2. Oh yea, also, I know that this is super long ago and random but thank you for the versatile award in Febuary 20, 2014. <- I totally didnt notice the comment notification until today for some reason. [idk how to use wordpress anymore ;__;] XD and of course, thank you for your constant support and comments to keep me writing even though we all know that I haven't really updated alot ._.
      Huge thanks for everything again c:

      1. You’re welcome! Your blog is the first I ever followed, so I’m happy to encourage you to keep posting. So many aniblogs don’t last very long.

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