Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso [ Your Lie in April ] – END

Pretty much still the top anime of this season in my opinion 😮 Even though I have heard of people complaining and saying that the anime is too melodramatic…However, it also takes skill to create something which is capable of making other’s cry bucket of tears uncontrollably. [obviously exaggerating, but yeah Your Lie in April was a train ride of feels. T^T]

The trigger for that roller coaster ride of emotions?

Obviously when Arima recoiled from the piano because he was incapable of hearing his own piano playing. With his belief that his mother placed a curse on him when she died, all he could do was to distance himself from the piano which he so loved playing, yet feared to play.


However, when Kaori came into his life and dragged him back to playing the piano, he regained hope that he could once again hear.


And then stuff happened. The blossoming of love, a suspected love triangle, and Kaori being sent to the hospital.

Honestly, the plot is very predictable…yet somehow your mind tricks you into believing that even the smallest ray of hope would shine through and that the plot would go the way you want it to. [though truth to be told all of us knows that things usually never end the way you want them to….but we’re still attracted to it and come back for more. owo” (sounds like life)] And also, the characters bring out little fuzzies of warmth.



And warm fuzzies are always good.


I doubt I will c;

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 Happy Shigatsu feels day~

– 😮 Even though its not April –


P.S. my favourite character is probably still Igawa Emi. :3

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