Akatsuki no Yona

Now that Akatsuki no Yona has ended, I’m actually quite at a loss of what to watch for now….Will definitely be looking forward to the next season of this anime~ [there should be one, at least.] Wondering firstly what strengths Jeno, the Yellow Dragon possesses and of course looking forward to see further development of the main character 😀

And Damn Yona looks pretty.


I’m really glad that Yona has grown from that little pampered princess to someone to be reckoned with. I know that Hak wanted to protect her, but it would benefit the whole group with Yona being able to fight back/protect herself through basic swordplay and archery skills. [much better than constantly finding a place to hide at least. ._.]

Also looking forward to how the relationship between Yona and the other characters would work out…Especially towards her childhood friends Hak and Soo Won. Even though Soo Won is deemed as the antagonist, I actually am pretty fond of his character [And I’ sure a lot of other people do too]. He never shows his true potential unless he needed to, and despite him looking very fragile, his strength can be on par with Hak’s and his decisiveness allows him to plan and manipulate results into what he wants. He’s a very mysterious person, and he actually seems to be able to fit the role of a strict king in my opinon. Lastly, he still cares for Yona and Hak, proving that he remembers them together as close friends and isn’t that merciless or cold blooded.



And of course, as a shoujo enthusiast, I would really like for Yona to finally realise Hak’s feelings for her and not remain as dense XD though that may prove to be very hard…. Hak has been a very suitable person to stay by her side and his love for her is definitely evident through the way he protects and constantly worries for her.

yona and hak


With that, I guess the waiting for season 2 will start. :/ Looking forward to more action with the group and more feels….Or season 2 could be a total ass and confuse us even more..[through Soo Won’s actions etc]…. Oh wells~ guess I may continue on with the manga. owo


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