Barakamon – Life away from the Buzz

Here I am writing a post about an anime awhile back instead of catching up with the new season’s anime…. :X Oh wells~ wanted to write up something about Barakamon since I found it to be pretty good. Barakamon Pro-calligrapher Handa Seishu has been exiled to a small island as a punishment for his actions at an exhibition where his work was criticized. Being slightly immature and spoiled, he is forced to adapt to his new lifestyle away from the city and its convenience. There he meets several people whose warmth and sincerity would give him inspiration and allow him to learn and grow. I personally like how the anime simple yet cheerful lifestyle of the villagers. The willingness to accept and lend a helping hand to those who have just arrived into their village is something which somehow just warms the heart. Such as the time when Seishu had to move his things into his new home there and the whole village came over to help move the stuff. [kinda like this huge housewarming, except no invitations were sent, and absolutely nothing is in the house yet..and that the visitors help out instead.] Barakamon-ep01-help In a way, this anime really eats away at me because it reminds me of the time when I went to Thailand for some charity work. Being there was like a huge form of relaxation because seeing the people there appreciate your efforts (no matter how small) makes you feel…necessary to the society. Also, the people there seriously find happiness in the smallest of things..[which makes you happy too cuz #influence (‐^▽^‐)]..which is a huge contrast from the supposedly modernized Singapore (<- where I reside) where despite having convenience in almost everything, things are not perfect and hence to be grumbled at. Barakamon - OP - Large 03 Anyways, back to the anime..the characters are really cute as well. Especially Naru of course. :3 She’s like…this bundle of happiness and is simply so lovable~ Seishu‘s immature side can be pretty amusing as well. Such as when he gets super nervous and starts being impulsive. 😮 And also, Seishu’s mum, Handa Emi is probably who Seishu inherited his childish nature from. barakamon mum Overall, Barakamon’s a pretty good anime to watch if you’re just trying to pass time or are bored of watching shows with intense plot twists and action and want to stick to something rather simple yet meaningful. Another slice of life anime which I’ve watched recently would be Non Non Biyori. The characters are really cute :3 though the story is pretty uneventful and one may end up passing his/her time through sleeping ._. but yea. Lastly being totally random once again, check out “Anime 404” on Youtube ヽ(´▽`)ノ ~ChibiOtaku010~

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