About chibi little me~

I’m basically a chibi [150cm…], who likes drawing chibis…[chibis are small cute little characters..~]..I’m an otaku of all sorts of things~ dark chocolate,anime,vocaloid,manga,maple,running man(?),nico nico, and many other random stuff..o.O…

Aim : To try and promote anime and manga and stuff like that around the globe~~[ It doesn’t matter if my views are a pathetic 1-9, as long as there are actually people viewing it, I’m happy~ And I just love it when people follow my site and comment or something…hopes that one day otakuness will spread throughout the world(or something like that?)~~~~]

Why I made this site in the first place…, actually it was just a place meant for me to write my otaku crap and stuff…But since there’s anime and manga and stuff like that on this site….might as well make it look nice and presentable for everyone to view…~ Well, currently the ultimate goal is to get more people viewing and liking to actually see my site…so…just hope its good enough for viewing…~

~The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die~Edward Kennedy-(taken from the calendar….)[I love calendar quotes~]

Favourite Past time : Slacking & using the computer for my Otaku means…

Favourite food : Snacks[e.g Pocky, ice-cream, chocolate and other random stuff..

I’m still a teen.[still in school…==]..and….my love for anime is boundless~started watching anime when I was like….6 or 7?…hehes….

Otakus are basically a bunch of people who really really are into something and thus if they were to meet another otaku of their same kind, joy, happiness and laughter will be present….~~

And just one thing about myself…I’m more of a ‘netizen’ than a ‘citizen’….Basically its like….I’m completely different in reality…though I will say that 3/4 of my happy moments were all online…and one thing in particular is that…I may not be THAT well liked in reality..[I’m kind of a loner actually…] but when I’m online, its a different me…meaning that I show my emotions more clearly and am not really ‘hiding in the background’ or so I do in reality….hehes.~


9 thoughts on “About chibi little me~

  1. Thanks for hoping to Quizoxy and even started following for updates! Hope to share more great stuffs with you, and hope that you enjoy them!

    1. Err…The amount of manga and anime which someone likes never ceases? Hahas~ Though If its genres…I like action,comedy,romance…~the kind of thing which wound want to make you watch/read more….What about you?~[I’m glad to see another Otaku in the world too~ good luck with your site~]

      1. My first manga has been Inuyasha, so I’ll always be in love with that, but, well, I like all of the shoujo you can find, I guess, but, it depends on the drawings: if I like them so I read it, if not, I don’t… That’s kinda superficial, isn’t it?
        I wish you’ll have luck too! ,(^u^)°

      2. O.o…Shoujo…? so…you like romance? There’s this not bad shoujo manga…[I love the drawings~] It’s called Akagami no Shirayukihime and its not bad…[I’m not a good artist by the way…]
        Oh and my first anime was Inuyasha….got kinda upset about it ending at episode 160++….with only the continuation in the manga…though I managed to get over that and move in search of hoping to find better anime…~~~

      3. Inuyasha’s manga is completed now and I cried too much! ç_ç
        Yeah, I like shojou, but I also like adventure manga 😛 Like Katekyo Hitman Reborn… I’ve never heard about Akagami no Shirayukihime, but I’ll start reading it! 😀 One of my favourite manga, between the lasts that I’ve read, was Uta no Prince-sama, which is not exactly a romantic one, it’s more a comedy, but I like the way they talk about singing and music 🙂

  2. Found your blog through wordpress! Awww! Your about section needs a *hug* <(^-^<)
    Good luck with your blog and all of your endeavors. I'm sure you won't be a loner forever!

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