Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso [ Your Lie in April ] – END

Pretty much still the top anime of this season in my opinion 😮 Even though I have heard of people complaining and saying that the anime is too melodramatic…However, it also takes skill to create something which is capable of making other’s cry bucket of tears uncontrollably. [obviously exaggerating, but yeah Your Lie in April was a train ride of feels. T^T] The trigger for … Continue reading Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso [ Your Lie in April ] – END

Manhwas ~

There have been a few manhwas which I’ve read over the years here’s 2 of them in which I really love :] Witch Hunter by Cho Jung-man I’m kinda biased when it comes to mangas to read. Usually I’ll pick Mangas instead of Manhwas because I have 0 experience with handling Manhwas…like the style of reading and the honorifics used in Manhwas actually tend to get … Continue reading Manhwas ~


Heyyy. Its been a long time since I posted anything…and so here I am once again, in case anyone’s wondering if this site is dead or not. lols I’ll probably be back updating as per normal around mid November?(I dont really what my norm is tho. owo”) I really wanna update some stuff but I cant get back the comp until then sooo….its all about … Continue reading Wassup.

Sukitte ii na yo [Say I love you]

Has anyone watched this anime yet? o__o The plot revolves around this quiet and unsociable(?) girl, Tachibana Mei. She’s 16 years old, yet has spent her high school life without making any friends because of a childhood incident in which her friend betrayed her. Believing that people will betray each other soon, she rarely talks to anyone and more or less just disappears into the … Continue reading Sukitte ii na yo [Say I love you]