AFA 2012

My apologies to anyone who was actually waiting for this to be posted on the 11th November…[Yes, I’ve delayed this post for a long time while trying to find my USB cable..] Anyways..A brief intro to the people who are wondering what AFA is about.. Anime Festival Asia (AFA) is an anime convention that is organized by Sozo and Dentsu. It was first organized in 2008, during which singers … Continue reading AFA 2012


Recently joined this anime music group on FB…the people posted their anime piano playing on the group and I was staring…~~and I guess…you could say I got inspired while seeing them…so I went on to Youtube to check out if there were any other awesome piano anime players…and..I FOUND ONE. >w< This person’s awesome…She’s….marasy8 desu~ [btw the monkey down there’s like some kind of signature … Continue reading Piano~?


I went to check facebook…and just realised that today’s Hatsune Miku’s birthday.. OAO [From : SGcafe =w=~] HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKU ~tanjobi omedeto~ [From : S.O.O (school of otakus) oAo] The many expressions of Hatsune Miku~ which of all of them are your facourite? =w=~…mine would be ‘in front of something they hate’, ‘bashful’, and ‘impatient’….the rest look weird.. o__o   shall just post some videos…=w= … Continue reading MIKU


Vocaloid~ [I said I was going to do this post sometime…o.O] Just a short intro to vocaloid only though..o.o There are some things related to them which I don’t even understand about.. o___o Anyways~ To the people out there who still don’t know what Vocaloid is…well~ here it is~ [OwO] Vocaloid…well, its a singing synthesizer and was developed through a joint research project led by Hideki … Continue reading VOCALOID

Has no idea what this is about…

I have no idea what this picture is talking about….Though the parts on Miku singing the London Olympics Opening sounds super….cool~ And the… save miku site actually exists….wow. … Apparently the site wants you to add their page and scare away Miku ‘haters’….Well,if its about Miku and Vocaloid-related stuff to that I wouldn’t mind joining…~ o.O Hope to seriously hear her singing in the … Continue reading Has no idea what this is about…

Luka seems to be eating a live octopus…..Miku with her usual leek…and Rin squeezing….some sauce onto Len’s …food….this pic doesn’t isn’t like the usual vocaloid-style…but its quite nice though~[for the 1st time I just noticed Kaito,Meiko, and Gakupo….o.o The usual vocaloid family(?)] This pic is pretty awesome…All the popular anime guys showing off their superserious protective angry faces….to protect Miku?? just cool~hehes~ Theres…Luffy,Naruto,Ichigo,Edward,Natsu and, Tsuna~~~ [Tsuna looks calm and cool~o.o] Continue reading