SAO [#2]

Sword Art Online Episode 2~ well… the plots still good as before~ this time round, there was this huge problem with the normal players and the beta testers….[they had this huge argument caused by this dumb old man..=.=] His name’s Kibaou….and basically he’s the one that started the arguments on the beta testers and stuff…talking about how they knew the easy quests and hunting spots … Continue reading SAO [#2]

Sword Art Online [SAO]

Sword Art Online…reminds me of a whole lot of anime…Hack [Roots..Sign…etc..o.o] ..and Accel World.. Anyways…A new game, Sword Art Online was recently released and all 10 000 copies of the game were instantly sold out in seconds..The game’s really special, being a virtual reality game after all…There’s this thing called the NerveGear (some kind of head gear system..) which lets you play your game through your … Continue reading Sword Art Online [SAO]


Its been quite a while since I posted anything…..Guess I should try to find more anime to watch…AND continue watching my unfinished anime… Accel World Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Acchi Kocchi Hyouka Kami-sama no memo-chou Sket Dance ….I guess I can TRY watching this bunch of anime first….all the summaries can be found in gogoanime~ ~worlds of anime out there waiting to be revealed~ Continue reading Lalala~