Arcana Famiglia~~

YAY~ Arcana Famiglia IS OUT….~~~ From left to right : Nova, Pache, Jolly, Felicitá, Dante, Liberto, Debito and Luca Its a show which revolves around this organisation called the Arcana Famiglia. They basically protect the streets against crimminals and threats. Each character in the family has made a deal with’Tarocco’ [I have no idea what that is..] to gain their Arcana Powers. (as said from … Continue reading Arcana Famiglia~~


Lalala~ its been a loooong time since my last post…[..==lll school has started after all…*sighs*] Anyways~ I can’t believe around half of the year is gone…~~ which means….NEW ANIME. 😀   This is one of the anime which a whole bunch of people are waiting for…Arcana Famiglia. Its out on 1st August~ [I think Jun Fukuyama’s voicing as one of them~ ( person who won … Continue reading ~~~