Anime General Board~

Can you list down all the anime here? owo       I’ll TRY…though there are a bunch of them which I don’t know…o__o Anyways~ There’s…Gundam, CardCaptor Sakura, D.gray man, Lupin, Code Geass, FMA, Ruroni Kenshin, Madoka Magica, Naruto, Clannad, Spice and Wolf, Bleach, Toradora, Fate stay/night, Haruhi Suzumiya, Pokemon, Gurren Lagann, School Rumble(?), Hellsing, Cowboy Bepop(?),  Nanoha, DragonBall..and the super small one on top … Continue reading Anime General Board~

bored… >_____<

Since its the school holidays for me, I’m supposed to be really glad and relaxed….yet…somehow, I feel too bored to do much of anything…including watching anime..OAO I’m already starting to get bored watching anime..[which is apparently one of my favourite hobbies…] Am about to complete Hidan no Aria, which is not bad of an anime…     Yeaps, it has action and enough comedy to … Continue reading bored… >_____<

owo~ Any new anime out yet? =w=~

Hmm…Not many new ones are out yet…Though there’s Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun.[It’s supposed to be..”The Monster beside me” ..But they somehow changed it to..”My Little Monster” …so…wadever…==”’] , Hiiro no Kakera Dai ni Shou, and…Shinsekai Yori…owo”’ Don’t get what’s with the title for Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun….as far as I read the summary, [more like just browsed through it..but yeah..] I don’t remember there being any monsters…more … Continue reading owo~ Any new anime out yet? =w=~

Anime Deaths…

  o.o…Code Geass, Naruto, Angel Beats, Clannad, FMA(?), Death Note(?),  Pandora Hearts, and another which I don’t really know..[3 of them are from Code Geass..T__T]..and yeah…when your favourite anime character dies….the next thing you know, you’ll be clutching the computer screen and shouting.. ” NOOOOOOOOOO……….T_____T ” or something like that…[ when Lelouch died I was really teary-eyed…any other characters in which you couldn’t help crying for? … Continue reading Anime Deaths…


Lalala~ its been a loooong time since my last post…[..==lll school has started after all…*sighs*] Anyways~ I can’t believe around half of the year is gone…~~ which means….NEW ANIME. 😀   This is one of the anime which a whole bunch of people are waiting for…Arcana Famiglia. Its out on 1st August~ [I think Jun Fukuyama’s voicing as one of them~ ( person who won … Continue reading ~~~

Guilty Crown~

Guilty Crown : It’s a really popular anime these days…I haven’t watched it yet….[shall try to though..==lll] Plot Summary : After the outbreak of the unidentified virus “Lost Christmas” in 2029, Japan has been under the control of a multi-nation organization called GHQ. Ohma Shu is a 17 year old boy who has a psychic power in his right hand. He can use the power … Continue reading Guilty Crown~

Best Male Characters all time?

….Hmm..I saw this post on facebook with the caption : Who are Male Anime Characters can be match up with USUI TAKUMI? …Let me see… Err…yeah thats, impressive Usui who can wow the hearts of the girls……and Lets see the OTHER characters which can rival him… Sebastian Michaelis.The Demon.The Butler.The Bodyguard.The Professional. Lelouch Lamperouge.The Genius.The Manipulator.The Mastermind Takishima Kei.The Prodigy.The Popular.The Invincible. Hibari Kyoya.The … Continue reading Best Male Characters all time?