bored… >_____<

Since its the school holidays for me, I’m supposed to be really glad and relaxed….yet…somehow, I feel too bored to do much of anything…including watching anime..OAO I’m already starting to get bored watching anime..[which is apparently one of my favourite hobbies…] Am about to complete Hidan no Aria, which is not bad of an anime…     Yeaps, it has action and enough comedy to … Continue reading bored… >_____<

Anime CHIBI Interrogation Game~ [OAO]

*NOTE* I have never tried this before…so forgive me if I get random…..XD And no, I didn’t even know that somewhere out there in the world of Internet anime interrogations are taking place… o.olll..Well anyways, I went to several other blogs and saw a whole bunch of Anime Interrogation chain game…o.o~ So…Medieval Otaku tagged me to this game~ \(o.0)/ ~arigato gozaimashita~  Rules of the Game … Continue reading Anime CHIBI Interrogation Game~ [OAO]