Kami sama no Memo-chou ~

Kami sama no Memo-chou~ [God’s notepad] I decided to continue following up on this anime..[as I couldn’t find much of anything thing to do..] Why I chose to continue watching this anime 1st? …Well…Let’s just say I like anime girls with long black hair and are small and cute..==lll [In a way, I’m kind of a lolicon…] Shionji Yuko, who’s known as ‘Alice’…is just so … Continue reading Kami sama no Memo-chou ~


Its been quite a while since I posted anything…..Guess I should try to find more anime to watch…AND continue watching my unfinished anime… Accel World Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Acchi Kocchi Hyouka Kami-sama no memo-chou Sket Dance ….I guess I can TRY watching this bunch of anime first….all the summaries can be found in gogoanime~ ~worlds of anime out there waiting to be revealed~ Continue reading Lalala~