This is random…but I can’t help posting it cause I found it to be kinda…cute..owo Nico Nico Chorus ( – Don’t Say Lazy [K-ON!] Band Edition The funny thing is that their all wearing masks…to cover up their face….[the drums one is especially funny..XD] and yes, all of them are awesome with their instruments…[unlike me. .__.]  I personally like the guitarist and the keyboardist…~~ ~Being … Continue reading OwO

K-ON! -The Movie-

Just watched it and thus, shall write a brief description on the movie.. In the beginning, me and my friends were sitting on the floor watching the show happily..Well, the beginning was OK at first…though let’s just say middle to the end was kinda…draggy? They talk a whole lot on extra stuff which wasn’t really needed…the whole thing probably takes up to almost 2 hours…and … Continue reading K-ON! -The Movie-


Has anyone watched K-on! the movie? [O.o~] I haven’t watched it yet…though I may watch it soon… XD~  Thats Yui for you…as blur as always… Well anyways, a little briefing to the people who didn’t watch K-on… Its basically about 4 Japanese high school girls…[ Akiyama Mio, Hirasawa Yui, Tainaka Ritsu, and Kotobuki Tsumugi] They joined their school’s light music club to prevent it from … Continue reading K-on!