Sukitte ii na yo [Say I love you]

Has anyone watched this anime yet? o__o The plot revolves around this quiet and unsociable(?) girl, Tachibana Mei. She’s 16 years old, yet has spent her high school life without making any friends because of a childhood incident in which her friend betrayed her. Believing that people will betray each other soon, she rarely talks to anyone and more or less just disappears into the … Continue reading Sukitte ii na yo [Say I love you]


One Piece and Naruto…are they really that good? O.o…I have tried watching the 1st season of Naruto..but when other anime came out….I guess you could say I kinda gave up on it.. .___.  One Piece is….well…okaay I guess…[basically you could say that I am kinda impatient when it comes to waiting for anime to come out each week..x.x…] Anyways~ These titles are all pretty familiar … Continue reading O.O…Manga~~

Best Male Characters all time?

….Hmm..I saw this post on facebook with the caption : Who are Male Anime Characters can be match up with USUI TAKUMI? …Let me see… Err…yeah thats, impressive Usui who can wow the hearts of the girls……and Lets see the OTHER characters which can rival him… Sebastian Michaelis.The Demon.The Butler.The Bodyguard.The Professional. Lelouch Lamperouge.The Genius.The Manipulator.The Mastermind Takishima Kei.The Prodigy.The Popular.The Invincible. Hibari Kyoya.The … Continue reading Best Male Characters all time?