Halloween Manga Oneshots~

Decided to share some of the Halloween Oneshots scanned by Omari’s sisters…[was actually thinking of waiting 31st October..but…just decided to post it now..]   The Grim Transfer Students   This one-shot came out 2 years ago….Omaris’s sisters, like myself, waited for a year to post this at the right time..[mine isn’t exactly on the actual day of Halloween…but still, at least it’s in October..owo] The title … Continue reading Halloween Manga Oneshots~

PICS [randomness again~]

Some random pics here~ O.o…   Bleach ^ Aizen’s form is pretty…ugly when combined with a butterfly..[butterfree looks so much cuter..]   CLANNAD ^ Fuko~ the ghost girl who loves starfishes~   FMA^ No, their not invisible guns…Its Roy Mustang, the flame alchemist who is about to set fire to something..   ….Err…Manga IS expensive…though its worth it…^^     Kyon as Adam, Haruhi as … Continue reading PICS [randomness again~]


One Piece and Naruto…are they really that good? O.o…I have tried watching the 1st season of Naruto..but when other anime came out….I guess you could say I kinda gave up on it.. .___.  One Piece is….well…okaay I guess…[basically you could say that I am kinda impatient when it comes to waiting for anime to come out each week..x.x…] Anyways~ These titles are all pretty familiar … Continue reading O.O…Manga~~


Tsundere : Describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time. The word is derived from the terms Tsun Tsun (ツンツン), meaning to turn away in disgust, and Dere Dere (デレデレ) meaning to become ‘lovey dovey’. [Taken from wiki ==lll] And err..yeah. They really ARE all the same….Rie Kugimiya desu~ [Apparently she voiced … Continue reading Tsundere~

Death Note – Light

Realised that I didn’t post much of any pics on Light..So…   The last pic shows exactly what Light can easily do…to just kill people without thinking that its bad.[though I don’t get the one with L… Anyways….He’s basically a person who believes in his so-called ‘justice’, who thinks that he’s some kind of god-like creature who can choose who to kill and to easily … Continue reading Death Note – Light


Busy viewing omari’s sisters blogspot and other manga blogs these days…I have no idea what manga to read…Finished most of the one-shots in omari’s sisters…[most of them are about romance…but they were nice~] Shall take this opportunity to err…recommend some anime and manga related sites~ Anime : Manga : Other related sites : animecalendar.net Err…there are some other sites which I didn’t add…shall update the … Continue reading Sites~…