2014 its a new year~

My posting intervals seems to get wider and wider…..I’m sorry about that .__. but it seems like I can’t really post much these days….sighs. Its a new year and all…soooo does anyone have any interesting resolutions to make? because I don’t. o__o” Even if I did make resolutions to try to make myself a more hardworking person who doesn’t sit in front of the comp … Continue reading 2014 its a new year~


How do you people usually get awesome pics from? Asides from Google that is. o.o I usually get them from this site called Tokyo Otaku Mode~ It’s this site which you have to register in order to see a bunch of awesome pictures together..It’s basically the same as Facebook, just that this is for Otakus, and that the photos are usually random..There are some awesome … Continue reading Pics~


Is the world coming to an end? I believe not..owo but anyways…   O.o…lols What would you do before the world comes to an end? owo… I guess… I would just continue anime-ing… manga-ing…eating snacks…and prepare for an early christmas…[If I actually even have enough time to prepare..owo”’] Though for us otakus…it really would be kinda sad if the world ends…no more next episodes/chapters…no more … Continue reading 21/12/12


Randomness : Japan’s uniforms are awesome…they have different uniforms for different seasons…whereas the uniforms in Singapore, are all just standardized…=__= [Cause Singapore only has the hot and the dry season..]     My Favourites out of these would be Vampire Knight [No.8], and No.17 [I have no idea which anime it came from..]…though, all of the uniforms up there are definitely better than mine…. Next … Continue reading Seifuku~

Random owo”

More random pics I guess…[there’s no limit to my randomness…o.o”] Pics mostly taken from FB groups~ support School Of Otakus, Anime Tengoku, World Of Otakus, Anime Otaku Guild neh~ [ Just a random fan of their pages advertising for them.. owo]   Yesh. I need a whole lot of pictures to satisfy myself….=w=~ Come to think of it…these days I just feel like watching Gintama….Any … Continue reading Random owo”


I went to check facebook…and just realised that today’s Hatsune Miku’s birthday.. OAO [From : SGcafe =w=~] HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKU ~tanjobi omedeto~ [From : S.O.O (school of otakus) oAo] The many expressions of Hatsune Miku~ which of all of them are your facourite? =w=~…mine would be ‘in front of something they hate’, ‘bashful’, and ‘impatient’….the rest look weird.. o__o   shall just post some videos…=w= … Continue reading MIKU

Anime CHIBI Interrogation Game~ [OAO]

*NOTE* I have never tried this before…so forgive me if I get random…..XD And no, I didn’t even know that somewhere out there in the world of Internet anime interrogations are taking place… o.olll..Well anyways, I went to several other blogs and saw a whole bunch of Anime Interrogation chain game…o.o~ So…Medieval Otaku tagged me to this game~ \(o.0)/ ~arigato gozaimashita~  Rules of the Game … Continue reading Anime CHIBI Interrogation Game~ [OAO]

More pics.. .___.

1) ANIME QUOTES What are some good anime quotes you have heard? [truthfully, I don’t really remember any quote which anyone has actually said..==lll] Anyways~         some randomly picked up quotes from the net.. o.olll     2)…   Hmm….The first Anime Character? Errm…I’m not really sure…there are a whole bunch of them running through my mine…though if I were to say…Konata’s … Continue reading More pics.. .___.

PICS [randomness again~]

Some random pics here~ O.o…   Bleach ^ Aizen’s form is pretty…ugly when combined with a butterfly..[butterfree looks so much cuter..]   CLANNAD ^ Fuko~ the ghost girl who loves starfishes~   FMA^ No, their not invisible guns…Its Roy Mustang, the flame alchemist who is about to set fire to something..   ….Err…Manga IS expensive…though its worth it…^^     Kyon as Adam, Haruhi as … Continue reading PICS [randomness again~]