my life owo

I’ve been gone for….pretty long I suppose. Anyways, this shall be my first post which is totally unrelated to anime. Well, shall just state what I did these days… Came back from Khorat, Thailand on the 18th November. Went there for a CIP [Community-Involvement-Program] trip due to my CCA. [We have CCAs (Co-curricular-Activities) in Singapore. Kinda like club activities in Japan I guess..?] and well, … Continue reading my life owo


This is pretty random…it test you on some random animes…   Its pretty easy if you’re an otaku who watches bits and pieces of many genres…Some are very easy to decode from just shuffling the letters around here and there…. No.7 is funny…~ so many Es.. No.9  used to be popular…[its those kind of magical shoujo thingy…so….yeah..(its popularity died sometime back..)] Have fun~ [if you … Continue reading OTAKU TEST :3 ~

Konata & Miniwa .___.

RANDOMNESS. >< [only my viewpoints desu.] Lately there is this topic on rip-offs and stuff…[which to me, feels kinda saddening as an otaku…] yeah~ on the left is Konata Izumi~[Lucky Star] and on the right is Tsumiki Miniwa~[Acchi Kocchi] a bunch of people have been saying that Tsumiki’s a rip-off from Konata…o.o…[Its supposed to be a…’who-do-you-like-more-thing’..] Well, in my opinion you can’t call them a … Continue reading Konata & Miniwa .___.


Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #183 chokaigi edition~ [Something which was on fb~] You can skip the part which talks in jap…. .___. It’s cute…and the site has this awesome gigantic video…which looks really really cool….I don’t really get what their saying…but its something to do with the song and its view rate and stuff….[…it looks…awesome…o.o~] Still waiting for the London Olympics to check to see if … Continue reading Lalala~