Have been spamming RDG for quite awhile now, reason being as I don’t really know what to watch now.. o~o Anyways, I kinda like some anime with all the miko [ priestess] and spiritual stuff….Then again, I guess I kinda got attracted to the main character…[not sure in what way though.. :X ]   Anyway, the story goes on  about a modern fantasy based on Japanese … Continue reading RDG


How do you people usually get awesome pics from? Asides from Google that is. o.o I usually get them from this site called Tokyo Otaku Mode~ It’s this site which you have to register in order to see a bunch of awesome pictures together..It’s basically the same as Facebook, just that this is for Otakus, and that the photos are usually random..There are some awesome … Continue reading Pics~

DS games….?

Don’t ask me whats with all the random posts….I seriously have no idea what to post sometimes….[thats why the number of posts being posted are decreasing…] hehes…. DS games….[I’m kind of a gamer…though I don’t really play games like shooting and stuff…my aiming is horrible.(sorry to the non-gamers out there for now…seriously has no idea what to post…] There’s this new game which looks really … Continue reading DS games….?

Otaku~Pics which I agree on…

Awesome photos of how an otaku is like…~~ [the…’that was completely awsome’ pose looks kinda weird though…the rest are okay…~] I totally agree with this one…maybe its because among the 3, I only watch Bleach….I used to watch Naruto…and stopped at episode 20++ and didn’t bother continuing as there were a bunch of better anime out that time….sighs…the action is impressive and stuff…[but sometimes I can’t help but get bored in … Continue reading Otaku~Pics which I agree on…